Using Wordpress Doesnt Make You a Blogger

When I’m short on time to blog I create lists... (which blogger doesn’t love lists). Today’s list is top ten reasons you are not a blogger anymore.

10. You think your (link) juice is too precious to share

9. You think about your (link) juice at all!

8. You get worked up if you are not getting your share of “hat tips”

7. You scramble to trackback to bunch of random blog you see on Techmeme so you can appear (spam) on Techmeme under the same heading

6. You joined FM publishing

5. You comment on every damn post on Techcrunch in hopes of getting some residual traffic

4. You are franchising your “brand”

3. You have a brand

2. You have blog-enemies that turn into real-enemies

1. You create lists cause you ran out of shit to blog about

Tellme - Dot Com Made Good

First of all congrats to Jason Steinhorn on his hard work and foresight (two of the most important ingredients of success) at Tellme.

I remember Tellme from the dot com days as one of those companies with insatiable desire and ability to raise money. In many ways it had more hype than substance in the intial stages (anyone remember the “voice web”?) but unlike most of its brethens, it slowly executed towards its vision (while the positioning has changed to reflect the latest buzz words, it has stayed surprisingly faithful to its original vision). Can’t say that about too many companies of that era ... many of which eventually lost its way amongst all that cash.

Anyways, this is a big win for MSFT. (stock was up big today!). Instead of fighting Google at its own game, algorithmic web search, there are entirely new battlefields being born that are more wide open... voice, local, text, j2me and their intersections ... mixing multiple input and output channels are what really made Tellme cool ... smart buy for the guys up north ...

(BTW, I hope eBay took a hard look at this deal ... search is way too important to leave to the usual players)